Sponsor this newsletter

I’m currently testing sponsors for the newsletter. Please contact me if you’re interested — jen @ jenbergren.com

Newsletter details:

  • Subscribers: 500 as of 5/1/24

  • About 100 more weekly views than subscribers (due to sharing on LinkedIn and more)

  • Open rates average 50%

  • 20-30% of readers click on at least one link

  • Clicks per sponsor post: 1-2 on average per week

Sponsorship details:

  • A one-two-sentence link or Substack embedded form underneath the introduction.

    • I can alternate these formats if you’re advertising a Substack newsletter or podcast

    • You may want to provide a UTM link so you can track the traffic sourced from this newsletter

    • I can track the number of clicks, though sometimes Substack decides to just say “other URLs” for anything under 2 clicks :/

  • Inclusion at the top of the list when I share the newsletter on LinkedIn weekly

  • Inclusion on my resources page in the appropriate category

  • Communication about how many clicks your link received (when possible, see above for limitations)

  • Starting price: $25/month (4 newsletters)

    • I’d also consider trading sponsorship with another newsletter or a similar opportunity, or affiliate/partner types of trades

Sponsor examples:

As a human-centered operations/education professional, I want to walk my talk and focus the sponsorship opportunities on individual people’s efforts or human-focused businesses such as agencies, training, or communities.

This means the product in the link should be something one person creates for themselves and not for a company, unless the company is themselves (solopreneur) or consulting/agency/services such as training (people as the product). In short, not a software company or software product. They get enough attention already! :)

For example:

  • An individual’s newsletter

  • An individual’s podcast

  • Courses or events made by an individual or community

  • Blogs, guides, or other resources

  • LinkedIn page/profile following, if you’re posting valuable advice often

  • A remote job opening (happy to feature these for free in the usual lower section!)

  • A survey or other request for user research for any of the above topics

Please contact me if you’re interested — jen @ jenbergren.com